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At Stock Chiropractic, we are a licensed Live Scan Fingerprint vendor, and we're a contractor with IdentoGo by Morpho Trust USA. The Live Scan Fingerprint offers a secure, electronic capture of your fingerprints, as well as a secure transmission.

How the fingerprinting process works

More on background checking and fingerprinting

• Your fingerprints are "rolled" across a glass plate

• The fingerprints are scanned

• Transmission of prints is secure

• Method provides faster, cleaner, and more accurate results than paper and ink

• Experienced assistance with fingerprinting procedures.

If you would like more information for the State of Illinois commercial fingerprinting and background checks, you can reach the state's call center by calling 1-800-377-2080. They can assist you by scheduling you for fingerprints at our office on Tuesdays or Thursdays. You can also visit 


For the Federal requirements for the TSA / FBI: TWIC, Hazmat and Pre Check contact the call center at 1-855-347-8371 or


Licensed with Live Scan Fingerprint

When you need fingerprinting services, we are available to help you. For more information about fingerprints, contact out friendly team today.

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